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And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself anymore, but your eyes shall see your Teacher.
Isaiah of Jerusalem  (via kabane52)

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"Listen, there’s a lot that’s fucked up about the Catholic Church, but there’s a lot that’s fucked up about me: There’s a lot that’s fucked about you, too, quite frankly. And I have always felt that the Church knew this about us, and we learned to bob and weave among the candles and the sacraments and the bullshit to find the good stuff; the stuff that allows us to live and function. And isn’t that life? Isn’t that - for fucking sake - the theatre? Film? Writing? Negotiating with anyone, anywhere? Bobbing and weaving and hoping? Bring a candle!
I’m okay with it. It’s what I know. I know the streets, even in the dark -and they’re always in the dark.

A little ceremony; a little glory; some remorse; some light; some scent; people clasping hands. And Jesus - let’s not forget him - the celestial Ziegfeld looking over all of it.

Not a bad show, you know?

Yes, I’m Elaine Stritch, and I’m a Catholic.

Show me something better.”

Elaine Stritch, 1925 - 2014 (via infallibilityplay)

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AU | Sam and Gabriel’s first date

Let’s pretend, that Sam entered college. And Gabriel… I don’t know, studies in the same college? And somehow they went on a date. Probably it was Gabe’s idea. And now everything is awkward; they don’t talk; just stare at each other. Maybe ‘cause Sam never was on a date with another guy? IDK. Sorry guys, I’m a terrible writer. 

"You know," Gabriel says after close to five minutes of awkward silence and uncomfortable eyebrow movements, "you could have said no when I asked you out if you didn’t want to come."

"It’s not that I didn’t—I mean, I said yes—I do want—” Sam stutters. It’s just that he’s never done this before. Been out on a date with another guy. He’s thought about it a few times, hell, Jess even suggested he try it when they fizzled out a few months ago—"Just go for it, Sam," she said. "What about that cute guy who stares at you in your psych class?" So when Gabriel, the starer in question, stopped him with a hand on his arm after the last class and asked Sam to dinner, he didn’t even have time to process it before his mouth was saying yes.

"You haven’t spoken and you keep doing that weird thing with your eyebrows, which is both hideously attractive on your face and making me very nervous because you really seem like you don’t want to be here," Gabriel sighs. "I won’t be offended, I mean, it was a long shot for sure when I asked."

"It’s not that," Sam mumbles. "It wasn’t a long shot either."

Gabriel frowns. “Then what’s the deal?”

"I’ve never done this before."

"Been on a date?"

Sam flushes. “Been on a date with a guy.”

Gabriel brightens. “Is that really what this is all about?” He grins wide and takes a sip from his water glass when Sam nods.

"I know it’s not a big deal or whatever, but you’re funny and smart and I thought it would be fun but then I got nervous," Sam groans.

"You forgot to mention my rakish good looks," Gabriel says with an eyebrow wiggle.

Sam cracks a smile and shakes his head. “I probably screwed this up, huh?”

"Nah," Gabriel grins. "Let’s blow this fancy restaurant and hit up the candy shop down the street. I’ll let you buy me a lollipop and I’ll even contain my many jokes about sucking things." They leave a few dollars on the table even though they didn’t order anything and grab their coats.

Gabriel only makes two innuendos, but they kind of act on the second, so he says it doesn’t count.

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